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Thank you for your interest in the Players Stool by Kinburn st. Furniture.
As a way of introduction and to provide some information about the process of making one of our stools please read before making any inquiries.

The Players Stool is a design by Ted Power of Kinburn st. Furniture.
Drawing on 10 years+ designing and building custom furniture and working in high end, custom woodworking shops in Ontario and now Nova Scotia, Ted has created a beautiful and expertly crafted piece of furniture that will become any family’s generational heirloom.

Each players stool is a custom piece and is made one at a time by hand and eye

Wood selection is taken seriously and done carefully. Because of this beautiful woods such as walnut, cherry and white oak are used in their natural states, showing off the beautiful colors and grains present, as well as small knots and “imperfections” that make a natural material like wood unique and beautiful. Without stains or dyes the wood is allowed to show its true beauty.

The legs are joined directly into the seat using a time-honored method of mortise and tenon joinery. The leg and mating hole are shaped into precise mating cylindrical tapers and then wedged through the top to lock in the joint. The cylindrical taper is a unique joint that tightens the more it is sat in, unlike most chairs and stools that will come loose over time, the Players Stool will only get stronger through normal use.

The shape of the seat is uniquely crafted to provide a safe place to display a guitar, while providing a very comfortable place to sit for long periods of time. A practiced craftsman shapes each seat entirely freehand. Using traditional chair making tools the seat is scooped contoured and smoothed to provide the most pleasing for sitting and for viewing. For greater comfort still, the seat is canted forward 1 degree to promote an upright posture while seated.

A hand rubbed oil based finish is applied to enhance the natural beauty present in the wood. Over a five-day period multiple coats are applied to build a durable and beautiful finish.

All orders require a 25% down payment to begin wood selection and material processing.
Lead-time on stools is 4-6 weeks at the current time. Delivery times can vary based on the amount of orders at any given time and we will inform of any changes at time of order Delivery within 1 hr of Mahone Bay included. Please inquire about further distances. Pick up and shipping are always available.

The Player stool is available in three wood types, walnut, cherry or white oak.

For pricing please contact us in the form below.

Thank you for your time and we look forward to hearing from you.

Ted Power

Business Phone Number: 902-990-0741

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